How I Kicked the Impostor Syndrome’s Butt

Hearing about how our good friend Chase McCants kicked the Impostor Syndrome’s butt seemed like the best way to–ahem–kick off our new blog series “GGTW Success Stories.” When we found out that Chase’s secret weapon was repeating “Go get the world!” to himself, we knew we had to ask him to tell us more! We think you’ll enjoy his engaging story as much as we did, and hope you even find some inspiration from it. And check in as we post more Success Stories…maybe one of them will be YOURS. But first, here’s Chase. … More How I Kicked the Impostor Syndrome’s Butt

Luck is a Tennessee Three Step

People who know our friend and Tennessee native Nick Potts will invariably use the word “lucky” to describe him, well before they mention any other of his unique characteristics, (including his infectious laugh). So, when he shared that there really isn’t anything magical about his good fortune at all, but only three simple steps, the dancer in me was intrigued. I wondered if his steps were easy enough for a beginner to master, or would they only apply to someone who already knows the basic moves? I asked Nick if he could explain his steps in more detail, and he masterfully obliged with a how-to manual! And although he refers to the steps as a formula, to me it could just as easily be described as a dance…one which I call the Tennessee Three Step. So without further delay, here’s Nick, in 5-6-7-8. … More Luck is a Tennessee Three Step