The GGTW Scholarships

The genesis of the GGTW scholarships

When I was in my teens, I followed the mantra of Go Get The World without hesitation. I always gave my best to the variety of activities in which I was involved, and my self-confidence soared as I experienced new things. For me, this was a way to discover my calling and figure out what I should study in college. I was fearless, motivated, and energized!

But then, some of the adults around started to doubt me, and even questioned my commitment to their groups. Some worried that I was spreading myself too thin or might burn myself out before I finished high school. Pretty soon, the worst thing of all happened…I was forbidden to participate in certain programs because the people in charge thought I was “doing too much.”

My self-confidence and motivation faltered and I became frustrated. I knew I could do it all, but couldn’t understand why my teachers and community would not support me.  I voiced that frustration one night at the dinner table.

“They can watch me!” I said. “I will be successful. And one day I will create a scholarship for women like me who want to pursue many different things and see everything life has to offer.”

That evening less than twenty years ago, my family and I witnessed the germination of the Go Get the World (GGTW) Scholarship fund. Today, I am proud to say that after years of living my life according to the GGTW mantra, the scholarship idea is finally bearing fruit.

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