Your Life Belongs to You!

Part of our mission at Go Get The World is encouraging women to follow their own path, their own journey, in their own way. Go-getter Gaithri Raj reminds us that each person’s story is unique and therefore comparing ourselves to others can be self-defeating and discouraging. By focusing on the book of your own life, you can be happier with where the story goes. … More Your Life Belongs to You!

Self-care Is Not a Selfish Act

Go-getter Gaithri Raj wondered why she allowed her own health to suffer while she took great care of everything and everyone else around her. When she realized the answer, she was prepared to make some fundamental changes in how she took care of herself, and how she viewed self-care. In this week’s Worlds of Wisdom blog post, Gaithri shares the five-part action plan that helped her regain her health and happiness. … More Self-care Is Not a Selfish Act

Taking a lesson from my 17-year-old self

Sometimes a small memento of a different time in our lives can serve as a reminder of what things worked well then and still serve us today. That’s exactly what happened when my mom sent me a simple note and news clipping from a hectic and exhilarating time I experienced in high school. As I thought about what I was doing back then, I realized that juggling multiple responsibilities at age 17 taught me some important lessons that I still use today. … More Taking a lesson from my 17-year-old self

Thanks, Mom!

One of my proudest accomplishments was being part of a company that sold for more than one billion dollars in 2017. My Mom had supported the ups and downs, and didn’t even put the kibosh on my interviewing with this company, which had very little information available online and had posted the job on Craigslist. I think she was as stunned as I was when my hard work paid off and I was a part of making Columbus a “start-up destination.” She always knew how important the phrase “Go get the world” was to me, so the day of the sale, she sent me a congratulations card saying, “I am so proud of you. There is more of the world to get. Always stay humble and grateful.” I knew I needed to figure out a way to give back to the community because I was–I am–so grateful, and I had always wanted to create opportunities and guidance for women to Go Get the World, too. Now, a little more than a year later, we are finally launching the vision! … More Thanks, Mom!