The Ripple Effect

I was nervous. It was the day I planned to tell my company that I was leaving after working there for almost nine years.  I had risen through the ranks from answering support calls to becoming a director, so the change I was going to make would be big, for sure. I would be leaving a hugely dynamic and fast-growing environment to become the third member in a team of three. There was no way I could NOT take the opportunity before me, but still, I was nervous to embark on this new adventure and afraid about the meeting with my boss.

One of my colleagues who knew what I was planning and how I felt that day, called me over to his desk to show me his wall calendar—one that featured a different bird and inspirational quote every month. The quote for that month was, “Mighty things from small beginnings grow.”  He wanted me to see that quote so I would remember why I was taking this next step. 

Amanda and Brenny with the calendar.
My colleague’s encouragement gave me strength on a difficult day. Here we are with this year’s calendar.

He reminded me that I had been the first employee at our company, which had grown to employ almost 500 people. He showed me the bird calendar–as he called it–to remind me of where I had started, how I had helped the company grow, and to express his confidence that I could do it again. Strengthened by his encouragement and good-luck wishes, I boldly walked into the meeting with my boss and resigned.

The move to the new company was every bit as challenging and exhilarating as I thought it would be, and I’m grateful for all the support I had along the way. The company is thriving, and we’ve been able to hire more people, including that colleague who showed me the quote on the bird calendar! And that brings me to the unexpected twist this story took, when I learned something about the importance of inspiring and supporting others.

Back at the beginning of the year, I was catching GGTW co-founder Tricia up on all the news from my new company. She and I had worked together at my former company so she knew the colleague we had just hired. She said, “Oh that’s great! I have his new bird calendar for him. Can I send it to you to give to him?”  

Wait. What?!  I found out that day that Tricia had been providing the inspiring bird calendar to my colleague every year for the previous four years!  I couldn’t believe (but then again, I could) that her simple sharing of an inspirational calendar with a mutual colleague had ultimately empowered me to take the next step to Go Get the World. The ripple effect is real. 

Water rippling on a pond at sunset.
The effects of your actions can reach farther than you imagine.

Remember, when you inspire and support someone who faces new challenges and decisions, you may think you are helping that one single person, but it is much bigger than that.  Your words of wisdom or acts of kindness can eventually make their way into the lives of others you don’t even know, and continue to inspire more people than you ever imagined.  

P.S. to Tricia: “Mighty things from small beginnings grow.” I hope this is the same for Go Get the World! 

Do you have a story that details the ripple effect in your life? Let us know and we’ll send you some GGTW swag.  (And you may even win a prize!)

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