A Few Thoughts on Gratitude

By contributing editor and GGTW co-founder Tricia Yacovone-Biagi

I think most of us have heard the phrase “Gratitude is an attitude,” and probably even more than usual during this week of giving thanks. And while this platitude about gratitude is true, it eventually can end up on the I-know-I-should-do-this list of lofty goals, along with daily exercise and flossing and not eating that second helping of mashed potatoes. Ammiright? 

Hey, if it were easy, everyone would do it, and we wouldn’t need little slogans to remind us about it. 

So, what if, instead of approaching gratitude as an all-or-nothing thing, we decided to take little steps towards a change in perspective that might eventually lead to a change in attitude? You know, start small and work towards the larger goal, like we do when we train for something physical like a 5K or a long-distance bike ride. This seems a more reasonable ask of the average Jane than a complete change in attitude, especially in this season of increased demands on our time and energy.

As I pondered this question, I went to the source of all things—i.e., the internet—to see if really grateful people have something in common. And I learned a few things.

They take nothing for granted. They are grateful for everything, even the stuff most people disdain. 

Be grateful for the rain.

They realize that what you have might be fleeting, so it’s a good idea to appreciate what you have while you have it. 

Appreciate what you have.

They recognize that the mere act of being grateful can turn the mundane into something extraordinary. 

Enjoy the simple things.

And what would a post about gratitude be like if the team here at Go Get The World didn’t share the things for which we are thankful? We’ve posted those below, accompanied by a huge thank you to all of you, our readers and supporters! You’ve helped turn our crazy dream into a reality, and we look forward to serving you throughout the coming years! We hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


What’s your list? Tell us about it and we’ll share our appreciation by sending you some GGTW swag! 

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