SCW: Fitness Benefits

By Go-getter Gaithri Raj, who writes about health and wellness for GGTW

In this month’s health and wellness post, we’re focusing on the importance of exercise and strengthening as part of your self-care journey.

In the same way that everyone has a unique way to go get the world, each of us (hopefully) has their own way to keep physically fit, from spinning (Kait and Amanda) or hiking (Lori), to swimming (Tricia) or running (Precious).

As for me, I love yoga. The foundations not only help improve flexibility, but research has shown yoga to have a far-reaching positive impact on overall health. That’s why yoga is being incorporated into many other preventative treatment programs to reduce blood pressure, glucose levels and even cholesterol levels in certain populations. 

I enjoy yoga for the quiet time the practice offers. It helps me refocus and set myself up for the day.  I recommend, however, that you avoid working on your mental to-do list while resting during savasana, like I do. This bad habit is literally the opposite of what you should be doing. Focus instead on the present! Those to-dos will still be there when you finish.

You don’t have to play like Megan Rapinoe to achieve the health benefits of participating in a soccer league.

Flexibility and strength training are important parts of any physical fitness plan, whether you take on cross fit or rock climb or play soccer. Here are some other reasons to maintain a fitness plan:

#RetirementGoals One of my retired co-workers shared that her best advice to the young people in her life was “make sure you can touch your toes at my age.” She was in her early 70s and wanted to remain healthy and strong so she could travel the world.

#DominoEffect Practicing good physical fitness awareness is a positive trait that spreads to those around us, especially our  partners, friends, family members and the next generation!

#WholeBodyEffects Physical movement doesn’t just strengthen your body; it also helps engage your mind and can ward off disease. There’s loads of research showing the mental health benefits of exercise. The Mayo Clinic details how working out can be helpful in the reduction of stress, and the World Health Organization now recommends aerobic exercise for everyone aged 65 and older to prevent dementia. Additionally, the world-renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center recommends physical activity to reduce the occurrence of certain cancers.

Consider physical activity as a way to nourish your body.

Here are some other examples about the importance of exercise:

  • Cheryl Way, the mother of GGTW’s co-founder Amanda shares exercise and eating right as foundation to help you Go Get The World. 
  • Michelle Obama has famously shared her workout routine and how keeping herself strong makes her more able to take on the challenges that come her way. 
  • I mean, come on, do we need any more evidence of the importance of a great workout than Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Her famous workout is a testament to staying healthy and strong, despite her third bout with cancer
The Notorious RBG makes planks look easy in her strenuous workout!

Take it from the ladies who know what they are talking about. Exercise and nourish your body well to support your journey to #GoGetTheWorld! 

Disclaimer: As with any  new exercise routine, if you have any health concerns, always consult with your health-care professional before embarking on a new plan.

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