Feeding the Ecosystem

We are responsible for the type of environments we create around us. For example, if we nourish others, helping them to become the best version of themselves, then we create an environment where everyone can thrive and succeed to new heights. Of course, the opposite is also true. This week’s post illustrates the point using a poignant example from nature. … More Feeding the Ecosystem

How I Kicked the Impostor Syndrome’s Butt

Hearing about how our good friend Chase McCants kicked the Impostor Syndrome’s butt seemed like the best way to–ahem–kick off our new blog series “GGTW Success Stories.” When we found out that Chase’s secret weapon was repeating “Go get the world!” to himself, we knew we had to ask him to tell us more! We think you’ll enjoy his engaging story as much as we did, and hope you even find some inspiration from it. And check in as we post more Success Stories…maybe one of them will be YOURS. But first, here’s Chase. … More How I Kicked the Impostor Syndrome’s Butt

Saying Yes When the World Says No

Go Get the World is your community, because we know encouragement and support is important to women. Sometimes you are the one getting in your own head that you can’t do something, while other times it’s people telling you you can’t. In this post, I share a story of when I was faced with someone telling me I couldn’t do something, and the lessons I learned from that day. If you have a story when someone didn’t believe in you please write to us and share! You may get a gift from the GGTW team!

Enjoy, and Go Get the World! … More Saying Yes When the World Says No