Go-getter Groundwork

Each month for the past year, we’ve published an article in our series of blog posts that we call Go-getter Groundwork. These posts provide practical lessons and tips to #empower you to Go Get The World faster and more effectively. You see, we don’t just want to inspire you…we want to give you the tools to succeed as well! That’s part of what we mean when we say, “We’re here if you need us.”

This month, we’ve gathered up our favorite #empowering articles in one place so you can re-read them, share them anew with colleagues and friends, or check them out for the first time. You’ll see that they span categories from business travel and etiquette to job searching and interviewing, to learning from ourselves and our coworkers about how to be better world citizens.

Our faves

Never Forget Your Dry Shampoo highlights the somewhat humorous but almost disastrous experience of traveling on a tight budget for an important business meeting, and how some quick thinking averted a career catastrophe.

Women in airport
Toting traveling essentials saves the day.

Mary’s Business Rules also bears a bit of humor, even though this post is subtitled “How to Become a Force to be Reckoned With”…which is no laughing matter. This post includes serious pointers, like this gem:

Don't be a doormat.

The 100% Dilemma outlines what you can do to reframe how you perceive your abilities when that perception is holding you back from reaching farther and higher in your career. The Impostor Syndrome doesn’t stand a chance after you heed this advice!

"What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, what if you fly? #ggtw
Remember this quote from Erin Hanson that has inspired people from all over the world to believe in themselves.

Notes to Our Younger Selves details the #empowering wisdom a group of women would share with their younger selves, “even if they knew their younger self wouldn’t listen.” This post is chock full of good stuff!

Inclusivity as a Means to Empower not only clarifies the difference between diversity and inclusivity, but it also provides concrete actions you can take to make your workplace more inclusive. Remember, you CAN make a difference in someone’s life and career!

Don’t see your favorite post in this list? Let us know by sending us an email or commenting below. Better yet, share with us a way you used one of the tips from your favorite post!

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