Inspiring Your World

Our #encouraging blog posts are meant to #inspire you to Go Get The World of your dreams. It’s possible to find inspiration in many places and through many ways, and each month we try to share stories that illustrate what we mean. This was the one category where many of the Go-getters chose the same article, so this list is a bit shorter than the ones from the past two weeks. But that one article (about a famous musician) has links to a bunch other stories, so you’re sure to have plenty to read!

Our faves

Why I Admire Alicia Keys, is the most popular #encouraging blog post amongst the Go-getters, (but you probably already guessed that based on our introduction). This post shows why we think she really is a Superwoman. Yes, she is.

road and bridge lost in fog

The Ripple Effect chronicles how a simple gift generated inspiration for more than just its recipient. It’s a reminder that our acts of kindness can eventually make their way into the lives of others you don’t even know, and in this case, even some you do! 

Water rippling on a pond at sunset.
The ripple effect is real. 

Not Everyone Wants Blue Hair seeks to inspire people to be the most amazing version of themselves. Not what’s “normal” or what’s expected, but who they truly are in their heart of hearts, following these sage words of Maya Angelou:

If you're always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be. #gogettheworld
Taking this advice from Maya Angelou will let you explore the best YOU you can be!

Success! shows the importance of never giving up, even (perhaps especially) when at first you don’t succeed. With an inspiring story and some anecdotes from the Go-getters, you’re sure to find some inspiration for your world in this article!

woman climbing a mountain
Success means never giving up on your dream.

Is there a GGTW blog post that has inspired you? Tell us about it or leave a comment below!

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