Our Favorite Success Stories

Our final installment of our favorite blog posts from the past year deals with the #GGTWSuccessStories. Some of these were written by guest contributors and others about people who hold special places in the hearts and souls of the Go-getters. We share these in the hopes that you, too, can find your success by following in their footsteps or by simply realizing that you can chase your dreams the same way that these individuals have. Never, never give up on what you consider to be success, and Go Get The World!

Our Faves

Like last week’s collection, we have a very short list for the #SuccessStories. That’s because almost everyone voted for the blog post from Amanda’s mom, which makes sense, since she is the reason “Go Get The World” ever became A Thing. Check out her amazing story!

Amanda Epp with her mom Cheryl Way

Part of the Go Get The World mission includes sponsoring scholarships for deserving students doing amazing things. In the Spring we awarded our very first scholarship, so naturally the article about that had to make the Best of Success Stories list.

Leah displays her award alongside her daughter.
After the awards ceremony, we had an opportunity to pose for a photo. (Credit: B. Biagi)

Last but not least in our list is the inspiring story from Lori Bunton, who returned to college in her 30s! This allowed her to find a rewarding career and to learn that daring to dream can make a huge difference in your life.

Road sign that displays "Your future. Turn here."
You have the power to change your direction.

Did your favorite GGTW Success Story make the list? Let us know here, through email or on our Facebook page. And stay tuned for more inspiring stories starting next week!

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